How it works

How to refill in store

Just bring any clean container you already have at home. We used to be a self service refillery but since coronavirus hit the UK we have moved to serving customers ourselves from behind a screen. 

WEIGH - We will weigh your container at the scales. Yes, even for liquids. Everything in SILO is sold by weight. The scales will print out a barcode with the weight of your container. 

FILL - We will fill your container with whatever you like. We will use a different container for each product because they're all different prices. 

WEIGH - We will scan your barcode at the scales and the weight of your container will be deducted. 

LABEL - The scales will print a label with the price of your refill. 

PAY - We will bring all your labelled refills to the till.  

We are washing our hands between customers and sanitising frequently used services regularly. Your food is safe with us!


Click and Collect

If you choose to click and collect, we will pack your order and send a text or email notification when it is ready to collect. To collect, simply arrive at the shop with your order number or name and we will place your order on the counter while maintaining a safe social distance. 


Click it Local

We also offer a delivery service through Click it Local - you can shop all of our products here

Click It Local

 If you order before 1pm on any day you'll get same day delivery too!